Sage Ale Recipes

    These recipes are taken from Stephen Harrod Buhner's
    great book: "Sacred and Herbal Healing Beers:
    The Secrets of Ancient Fermentation"
    (Boulder, Sirus Books, 1998)

  • Sage Ale - A Modern Recipe


    4 gallons water
    4 pounds malt extract
    4 pounds brown sugar
    4 ounces fresh culinary sage (Salvia officinalis)
    2 ounces licorice root


    Bring the water to a boil, add 2 ounces sage and licorice root, simmer one hour.When cooled to 160 degrees F, strain over malt extract and sugar in fermenting vessel, stir until sugar and malt are dissolved.

    Cool to 70 degrees F. Add yeast. Add final 2 ounces sage to fermenter. Ferment until complete (about the sixth or seventh day). At that point nothing but a few isolated specks of foam should be visible on the surface of the fermenting beer. Put 1/2 teaspoonful of sugar in each bottle, pour in the beer, and cap.

    Ready to drink in 10 days to two weeks.

  • Sage Ale - A Nineteeth-Century Recipe with Hops


    5 pailsful water
    1 quart hops
    1/2 pint rye meal
    2 quarts molasses
    1 handful fresh sage
    1/2 pint Yeast


    To five pail of water put one quart bowl of hops, and one large handful of sage. Add half a pint of rye meal, and let all boil together three hours. Strain it through a sieve, while it is scalding hot, upon two quarts of molasses.

    There should be about four pails of the liquor when it is done boiling; if the quantity should be reduced more than that, add a little more water.

    When it is lukewarm, put to it a half pint of good yeast; then tun it into a keg and let it ferment.

    In two days or less it will be fit to bottle.

  • Sage Ale - An eighteeth-Century Recipe


    3 gallons water
    1 gallon fresh red or garden sage
    juice of 5 lemons
    6 pounds sugar
    ale yeast


    Take three gallons of water and Six pound of Lofe Sugar

    boyle the water and Sugar together and as the Scum rises take it of and when it is well boyled put it into a Clean Tubb.

    Have ready in the Tubb one gallon of Sage Leaves free from the stalks.

    So let it then Stand till it be almost cold then Put to it the Juice of Lemmons

    beat them with a litle Ale yest brew it together

    cover it very close that no Aire come in let it Stand 48 hours full and when it hath don working Stop if very close and let it Stand three weeks or a month before you bottle it.

    Putting into each bottle A litle lump of lofe Sugar this wine is best kept a quarter of a year or longer before it is Drankt.